Back in the day, Pantera was the ultimate live band.

Sometimes it actually pays to be old. I enjoy seeing the looks on younger people's faces when I tell them some of the shows I've seen. Or bands I saw when they were basically brand new bands that hadn't turned into megastars. It's the same look people my age give to people who say they were at Woodstock or some equivalent.

Hulton Archive
Hulton Archive

I saw the early Lollapalooza shows, I saw Alice in Chains in a club... But most importantly, I saw Pantera a bunch of times "back in the day". Every time I saw them, it was a mind blowing experience. Not just because they were super tight, but also because they were just pretty much the funnest band on the planet. Their stage antics are the stuff legends were made of, and set the bar for younger bands.

The new lineup is controversial, but totally awesome.

I get that not everybody is on board with their more recent reunion shows featuring Zakk Wylde on guitar and Charlie Benante on drums. But from everything I've seen online, and from what I heard about their recent show here in Bangor, the band still has plenty left in the tank to share with their fans.

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

And just this week, Rex Brown, bassist for Pantera, shared a cool video on his Facebook page of some crowd shots and a montage of stage action from their stop here in Bangtown. There's a bunch of crowd shots. You definitely need to closely inspect the shots because there's a good chance you might be in one of them.

There is some "language" in the background music, which is the Pantera track "Becoming" off of Far Beyond Driven. It's got some swears if you're at work watching it. Still, it really shows how hard they rocked Bangor. Not that it was a shock...

Before the Civic Center in Portland, Bangor was the Maine concert hot spot...

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