Bangor Police Facebook

Look who is up to their up old tricks again. It's everyone's favorite community of cops (well, I guess not your favorite if you live a life of crime), the Bangor Police Department. The often-viral department has hit Facebook once again.

However, this time around it's a bit of a tear-jerker...but in a good tear-jerker way. The department posted a simply amazing story about a very impressive kid.

I'll let you wipe the "dust" from your eyes before I continue.

What a wonderful story. Sierra is an absolute rock star. This is just a great idea with an awesome payoff.

Community Policing

Credit must also go to the department for partnering up with the young superstar. Folks are always looking for more examples of community policing. It seems like this is a good example of that. Good for the department and animal control officer, Trish Bruen, for the distribution of the "doggy bags" when needed.

There's also something about a love for a pet that just runs deep. I have had pets my entire life, so I truly understand how strong that bond can be. That's one powerful bond that led to Sierra's awesome idea.

A big thank you to the Bangor Police Department for sharing this wonderful story. And we wish Sierra, her best friend, and the department the best of luck with the campaign.

You can find out more info about the Bangor Police Animal Control Department here.

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