So, what's it really like to work with a supermodel?  Just ask Hannah's horse!

Let's go behind the scenes of the increasingly popular DirecTV "Hannah and Her Horse" commercials and find out how these two actors really get along together!

Watch the video, and you'll find out that Hannah's horse is at times very temperamental on set.  Like any experienced actor, he has his moments where his mouth takes control and stage hands go scattering.

Hannah Davis, the Sports Illustrated supermodel does admit that "It's been a very special time" producing the "Hannah and Her Horse" television commercials.  But, things got a little tense during the video when she mistakenly said the she "can't believe that we're getting paid to do this!"  Seems that one of the two is not receiving a check.

Of course the burning question is: "Have the two ever dated?"  You'll have to watch the video to find out!

Meanwhile, the third Hannah and Her Horse commercial has just been released!  Once again it stars Hannah Davis and a talking horse, and yeah, a goat too.