I have owned and loved bunnies for fifteen years now and I can tell you my Bella and Rupert are the most wonderful pets...for me.  Years ago I bunny proofed my whole house which means loop carpets and wire covers.  I litter box trained my rabbits which was easy and their pooh doesn't smell which is nice.  However, if you don't get them fixed the males will spray a very strong pee and an unfixed female can become aggressive. Mine are fixed.

They need fresh veggies everyday and hay plus room to run.  Bunnies are also best met where they are, which is on the floor. I call this my bunny yoga.  Bunnies don't like to be picked up with rare exception, even if they love and trust you.  Because of this they don't make good pets for little children. They generally do fine with other pets as long as they understand, bunnies don't really like to play and wrestle. They are prey animals and it just feels dangerous to a bun. They do love to run and do binkies (a big hop and kick into the air).

They can also be expensive if tooth problems develop or other things. So now you are somewhat informed.  Are you truly ready to commit to being a good bunny owner? Then there is good news for you. The rabbits for adoption at the Bangor Humane Society are already fixed. Same goes for the Cottontail Cottage in Lamoine.

You may love having bunnies but they are just as much work and loving care as a dog without all the fetching.

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