In what seems like a comedy of errors for the last four years, the state is looking like they might finally let people purchase recreational cannabis by the end of the year. It was voted in by the people back in 2016, and it's been nothing but one setback after another since then.

To be fair, there's been plenty of legal hoops to jump through, especially for a substance still deemed illegal at the federal level. But nonetheless, lawmakers have had to ensure there was proper regulation, oversight, and pathway to proper business practice. But the State Office of Marijuana policy hopes to have weed in your pipes by January 1st.

According to the BDN, between the regulatory setback, a veto from the previous governor, and the pandemic, it's been tough to get the joint, I mean the ball, rolling. But with the amount of people looking for licensing, the state estimates that by 2022, the state could be seeing sales of almost $120 million a year.

That should bring in a pretty significant amount in tax revenue for Maine. That's not a bad thing. And, folks can finally stop buying weed from the old dude in the shack on the edge of town. Or the sketchy guy that lives above the laundromat by the convenience store with the sign that flickers all the time.

Instead it will mean more places to buy it that are safe, clean, and hopefully free of any weirdo, sketchy activity. It's a big step forward for Maine, though it's all part of a trend all over the country. Many states have adopted legal weed. Dozens of states have passed medicinal laws as well.

Look, Mainers just wanna do their thing, and be left alone while they do it. Whether it's smoking the grass or cutting the grass, people from Maine enjoy their privacy, and their right to live the way they want. That's not really too much to ask. Just the same, here we are, four years later wondering... Will this actually happen? Probably.

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