Now, when the toilet paper thing happened, that was just stupid. The amount of ridiculous panic buying and hoarding that was happening was something right out of 70's disaster movie. One night at Sam's Club, I saw a woman try to get out with twelve cases of TP. Twelve.... And, mad because they wouldn't let her take more.

From there it went downhill for a while with cleaning supplies and all that stuff. And that I totally understood. With an unheard of virus seemingly just everywhere, and folks armed with very little knowledge of what to do about it would cause that kind of run. Even now, six months into the pandemic, a lot of these supplies are still hard to get.

But not to be outdone, and because it's 2020, the next item up for wildly inconvenient, price- gougy goodness, are computer desks. With more people working from home, kids schooling from home, college students learning online, desks are becoming pretty scarce, says WGME - TV13.

Since this time last year, sales of desks and related supplies like lamps, chairs, computer, and printers, are up 238%. That's insane. If there was ever a time to take an Adult Ed. class on woodworking, this would be the time. You could not only build your own furniture, you could make money building it for the neighbors. It doesn't have to look good, it just has to be here, and cheap.

Chain stores and online retailers are naturally raising prices as availability becomes more scarce. Hardly a surprise. But until manufacturers can catch up, it'll likely continue that way for a while. And really, that could be said of just about anything right now.

For the time being, it you do need a desk, you might just be better off with a few milk crates, some zip ties, and that dusty old door that came off that weird little room in the attic. Sure, you might have a haunted desk, but it was free! And to show I'm part of the problem, I wrote this whole thing right here at the dining table... you know, no desk.

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