Finish this lobster roll served up by a restaurant in here in Maine and you'll proudly become a member of it's "clean plate" club.  Someone may have to help you out to the car, but hey.

Taste of Maine Restaurant on Main Street in Woolwich, which is down around the Bath area, serves up a lobster roll about five or six times the size of a normal one. So take off your belt and belly up, if you dare.

We've written about Maine's best lobster roll on Beal's Island according to USA Today, and then about the one that set the record for world's longest right here in New England back in 2017, so we may as well mention another that takes a full-length cutting board to serve it on.

Like many of Maine's restaurants, there isn't a price listed on the Taste Of Maine's menu for The World's Largest Lobster Roll, but we hear it's upward of around $100. A small price to pay for what could very well feed a family of four...or maybe five.

The World's Largest Lobster Roll is served up with a slice of watermelon to round the meal out, which is reminiscent of being "out to camp" on the Fourth of July.

Now we don't know what the dubious distinction of being part of the clean plate club involves, but we're hoping that any award presented to the supreme crustacean cruncher comes with a bottle of Rolaids and a key to the nearest restroom.

Nevertheless, you know that you know someone who would give it a try!

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