We wanted to say hello while it's still light out because we know that things get spooky when the sun goes down. Which brings us to today's topic....

What's something that's scarier in the dark?

JStew: In my opinion, pretty much everything is scarier after dark. When it comes to the dark, I'm the biggest fraidy-cat there is. Not sure why, I just always have been. Actually, sometimes, I think it's more I can't stand intense quiet. I always feel like somehow it's so quiet, that there's something I'm missing. I know, sounds totally strange, but I absolutely refuse to go get the mail after dark. I always ask KStew to do it. You know...because the dark. Yuck. I'm getting antsy just thinking about it. Hahahahaha.

Cori: Open water in the dark is creepy to me. Also, underneath the bed. I know there's nothing there (mostly because I double-check for my kids, so they'll feel better) but I'll be damned if I let a bare foot stick out from underneath the covers--on the off chance something from under the bed touches it!

It seems a lot of you didn't necessarily like the dark that much either. Here's what you had to say.

Ami Austin Thunderstorms. I'm fine with them during the day but hate them when it's dark out.
Mary Klein Drouin The woods, a cemetery, driving alone.
Wendy Clewley If the power goes out because you don't hear a thing running at all & it gets cold in the house!
Kari Jo Davis The lonely call of a coyote, the hoot of an owl, or, better yet, driving all alone on a dark starless night and suddenly, I am iron man! Comes over the radio... now that's spooky.
Holli Finkle Mirrors. Thanks to Poltergeist III
Brad Rice Red Eyes.
Rob Irwin Lots of different things, when your eyes start to play tricks on you.. Seeing something you know, really isn't there but yet you still see something and not sure what.
Richard the mirrors on the side of my truck and the shadows made by a head lamp
Sunshine the woods (and all the critters you can't see but want to eat you) and corn fields 
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