I bet Mom always told you it is the dollars in your wallet but surprise it's your debit card that has topped the list. In a recent study done by LendEDU they found that both credit and debit cards were far dirtier than money bot coin and paper. In the test they took 41 different credit and debit cards . 27 different pieces of paper money and a dozen coins and tested them front and back. Much to their amazement and contrary to everything we have been told the money was cleaner than the cards. Dirty still mind you but not as dirty.

The group stacked their results against known germy things and the cards tested had more germs than a bathroom in New York City’s Penn Station, which received a 163 germ score. So what was the score on the payment card?  Try 285 vs cash which was a paltry 160 and coins a mere 136.

So the upshot of this study in my mind it still don't put money in your mouth and wipe down the plastic in your wallet every once and a while.

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