Now, here's one thing that might get me out the door.... I love to bowl. Sadly, I don't really know anyone who does. My wife will humor me from time to time, but I know in reality she doesn't really enjoy it. I'm also not really good enough to join a team or anything like that. In fact, I get to bowl so little, when I do, it makes my back/butt hurt for days.

That said, I was completely psyched to see that Family Fun Lanes in Bangor is back open for business after being shut down for 3+ months. As are most other bowling alleys all over the state. I've seen outdoor seating at the bar Bangor-Brewer Bowling Lanes too, so I imagine they have also followed suit. spoke with Family Fun manager Angelina Meucci, who said that it's great to be back, but there's obviously going to be a few changes to the way they do things. For instance, there can't be any more than 50 bowlers in the building. Also, there won't be any groups larger than 6 people.

In addition, bowlers will have an empty lane between them, so as to encourage proper social distancing. Funny thing is, they've been open since the 1st, but things have been a bit slow. Whether it's that people don't know they're open, or people are just being cautious, is hard to say.

These days, it seems all we do is report about business that are shutting their doors forever. It's nice to talk about some that are opening back up. Whatever, indoor/outdoor activity you love, it's probably opening up again as we speak, if they haven't already. And yes, you should always do what makes you feel safe, but helping out any local business right now, is wicked awesome.

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