At different points in the last couple weeks, we've all started to feel like we've seen every YouTube video, or seen every song sung on Quarantine Karaoke. There's certainly been a shift in how we all view things online. And I know sometimes I reach a point where I need a digital cleanse.

Not like the kind where you pretend to "unplug" from devices, when in reality you're still checking in anyway. More like the most uninformative, near-boring thing you could watch... I might have found just the ticket, and bonus, it will maybe help squash the travel bug we are all feeling as well.

It's It's just what it sounds like. It's an endless series of random streets all over the planet. There's no frills to it. You simply go there, and click 'next' until you get bored and move onto whatever time-suck you find after that. I find myself going back a lot. It's just cool to see something besides the end of my driveway.

This isn't a game-changer or anything. But really, that's not what it's about right now. We're all in a place where having five minutes of our digital minds being brought to a quiet place is much needed. Sure, it'd be nice to just unplug. And maybe we all should some more.

But for me right now, this little e-heaven has been like watching Bob Ross paint. I'm glad I can just click onto this absurd little website, and in seconds be on a happy little road somewhere else.

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