I've often talked about H.A. fundraising in the 80s/90s.

Lame isn't the word that springs to mind right away. Bad stocking stuffers and cheese spreads... That's how we raised money for our band trips. I have to admit though, I do kinda miss Mr. Z's Cheese. It was actually pretty good. I'd destroy a sleeve of Ritz Crackers eating that stuff on a Saturday afternoon.

But these days, the Hampden Academy Music Association absolutely crushes it on the fundraising front. They've made the principal sleep in the press box, they've flocked yards with flamingoes on several occasions, and hosted dodgeball tourneys. But now I think they may have totally outdone themselves, and took a big leap up the coolness ladder.

They've hired a frikkin' Ozzy tribute band to raise money.

While cheese and knick-knacks are awesome, an Ozzy tribute band takes it over the top. Crazy Train, the Ultimate Ozzy Experience will be having a show at the Hampden Performing Arts Center on January 6th. Students can get cheap tix in advance for $7 a pop, while adults will have to cough up $10 leading up to the show.

I go way back with the members of Crazy Train, as they also moonlight as local cover superstars, Dakota. Salt of the Earth dudes all around. But again, this ain't a bake sale or a car wash, or silent raffle. this is going to be a big, loud rock show that will shake you where it counts, and leave your ears ringing the day after. As it should be.

Money raised at the show will go into the coffers of the Music Association who uses all of it to help finance their annual band trips, which have them often traveling all over the Northeast, so every little bit helps. And really, if this isn't the coolest high school band fundraiser ever, I don't know what is.

Let's look at the real Ozzy being his usual crazy self...

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