Finding a good meal without leaving Hampden is tough.

Not because the available choices aren't awesome, but because there are so few places to choose from. There's only the smallest handful of restaurants. I love the Coffee Break Cafe and Pizza Gourmet. Fresh Ginger is great, and of course we all know how good Pat's Pizza is. But that's about it.

We had Angler's until just recently, when they opted to close. So trying to find a meal in Hampden's borders is a challenge. But yesterday as I was driving through the middle of town, I noticed that Mainely Tacos had once again set up shop adjacent to the old Academy Building, right near Erickson's Hardware.

I started going a lot last summer.

They opened up last year, and everyone responded enthusiastically. It became part of the regular rotation. They have your typical Mexican fare. Besides tacos, there are quesadillas, wings, Mexican street corn, and chips with guac or salsa. All the things you'd want to find at a quick grab & go spot.

Hampdeners became a bit sad when cold weather came around last year and Mainely Tacos had to close up shop. But they just packed it up and moved out to Piper Mountain Tree Farm and did some winter business out there. But now things are up and running at their intown location.

Their hours aren't listed on their Facebook page, but they're basically open for lunch and dinner. I may just have to stop through on my way home today and kick off the season in style. Everyone looks good with taco sauce dripping down their elbows, right?!

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