When I was a kid, snow days were like gold. We were only allotted 3 a year at the time, I think. But it also seemed like it was pulling teeth to get them. I remember sitting in front of the radio waiting in quivering anticipation to hear my school's name called. If it was called, the joy that ensued was probably annoying to my mom, haha.

These days, I feel like kids don't get to experience that joy in the same way. It seems for a hundred reasons I don't fully understand, school is canceled if there's even a hint of snow. I suppose there's all kinds of legal-shmegal stuff behind the scenes that influence these decisions, but often schools now exceed their scheduled snow days.

However, according to WGME - TV13, Vermont schools have had a vision about snow days. The coronavirus shut down schools all across the country, and forced remote learning. So the idea has been floating around that maybe schools could run with that idea and apply it to snow days.

Would that work here in Maine? Why not? Kids have adapted as well as could possibly be expected to remote learning, and are likely to return to it in some capacity before the school year is over. So why not take everything we've learned about it and make it so schools can just keep on keepin' on.

It would be pretty darned convenient for kids to just roll outta bed, and online to get their schooling done. Think how many of us adults work from home when the weather is bad, if it makes sense for our job. So why not apply it to kids? Besides, no one really wants to do extra days in June, right?

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