Schools across eastern Maine started the new year off grappling with issues like quarantining and remote learning, in the wake of an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases reported at each institution.

Just this week, both Hermon High and Old Town High had to move to remote learning because of Covid outbreaks. That has some folks wondering what vaccination levels look like, among teachers and support staff, from school to school.

That information is now readily available, according to the Maine CDC, and right up on its website. 

Broken down by School Staff and Central Operations Staff, you can now look up the percentage of employees at each school, across the state, that have been vaccinated.

The figures span a wide range of percentages; everything from under just over 12% to 100%, depending on the school. Some schools have not submitted any figures, and that is reflected in sites data, as well.

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Last year we told you about a site that tracks Maine school with active Covid-19 cases, called the Online Dashboard.

According to their tally of current Covid-19 cases, the combined confirmed and probable cases for schools across the entire state stand at 174 cases, as of this Tuesday. One of the highest concentrations of cases at Bangor High School and Nokomis. Bangor's vaccination rate for staff is at 91.9%, while Nokomis Regional High School's staff vaccination rate is 57.4%

The Division Of Disease Surveillance Page, does give guidance to schools and organizations on how to manage positive Covid-19 cases.

Click here for more information from the Maine Department of Education.

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