Today marked the third Thursday in a row that we devoted as much of the Wicked Awesome Morning Show as possible, to thanking anybody that deserves to be thanked during this time. As usual, you all just crushed it with the amount and diversity of people that deserved to be recognized. So here it is again in print.
We'll see you all again next week for Thanks You Thursday. For real, everyone on this list, and to everyone that took the time out to make sure these people stand out, you rock!!
Deborah Smith Thank you to the postal workers out there.
Ryan Brooks Utility crews, police, fire, and EMS Mike Knight.
Ralph Gildred Grocery Store Employees And Truck Drivers. They Keep All These Healthcare Workers And Nurses! Doctors And Everybody else Doing what they do because of Them. I am not saying these Healthcare Workers, Doctors, Nurses don't Deserve Recognition for what they do, But the Middle Man(Or Person) Could use a little Recognition Also. I have a Son In Law, A Brother In Law that are Grocery Employees and a Daughter in the Medical Field and I Praise and Worry about them all the time!!
Lisa Mishou Home Healthcare workers! We are comited to keeping the people we serve happy and healthy. They are very confused about no contacts and outings. Caring for and protecting them while we still have family and loved ones we worry about. Its been...full
Cheryl McNerney Randy and Angela Wadleigh... Owner of Governors Restaurant for Keeping Govs food available for all during this crisis!
Rene'e L Massey All my co workers at RSU #3 . We make and pack food for the kids. Also RSU #3 bus drivers and all the volunteers thank you
Stacey McGoff Cox The employees of Brewer Walmart pharmacy! Especially Amy !!!! You guys are amazing thank you for all you do!
Alice Stratton Rancourt The loving staff at Maine Veterans Home in Bangor! Thank you for keeping our loved ones safe!
Cindy Fitzgerald Malcolm Laundry & housekeeping at Millinocket Regional Hospital
Laurie King: Thank you to my special niece whose caring for Covid patients in Lewiston/Auburn Hospital. Stacey Brassbridge. She rocks!! Be safe my dear.
Hilda Rose Roberts Please send a shout out to the hard workers at JSI Store Fixtures in Milo and Bangor. They are working fast and hard at making hygiene barriers for our grocery stores, and helping keep us all safe.
It only takes a minute, and we're happy to do all the work. So we'll keep you in the loop for next week. Thanks again to everyone.... the thankers, and the thank-ees.

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