Cori: They can't all be as easy as they were last week. So this week, we got a little creative. And it seemed to work!

JStew: This one had me stumped right out of the gate. I thought I had it when I guessed that it was a silicone muffin wrapper/tin/baking device. But I was waaaayyyy off base. And apparently, no one else could get it this morning either, as we had zero correct guesses this morning. But you know what they say... sometimes you get the donut, sometimes you get the hole.

You had some excellent guesses, we must say. A couple of you immediately thought of baked goods...which we are always okay with!

Chelsea Lyn Rancourt A cupcake mold?

Melody Woodman Cupcake liner

Angela Davis Pie plate, a cake stand?

And a couple of you thought immediately of pot-pies....also something we can get behind because who doesn't like a pot-pie?!

Andrea Herlihy Pot pie crust

Dennis Bean A perfectly flipped and dumped pot pie!😄

And quite a few of you were guessed answers that we could totally see...

Julie A Bent Coffee filter

Rob Irwin The bottom of a dinner plate.

Brenda Smith Sink stopper

Sandra Lyn Is it a thimble??? See it kinda looks like the bottom of an old ashtray too. And old fashioned one...My friend is guessing it's a button cover. 

(To be fair, neither JStew nor my self have ever heard of a button cover--we actually had to google it!)

Theresa Wilson The top of a dolls hat

Dan Valdez Light fixture

Scott Tucker Knob on a guitar?

Jack Belyeu Bottom of a chapstick case

Wendi B. Knowles Top of a scrub brush ?

Lynn Grinnell Gerrish A fancy button!

Jeff Leino K-cup

But our favorite guess of the morning, mostly because of how unique it was, came from this guy:

Paul Keezer A prehistoric Sunflower...from Tom Pettys garden...

What's it really?

What's This Wednesday 6-24 Answer

The spray bottle top of a bottle of some monitor display cleaner I had kicking around!

Great guesses today...till next Wednesday!



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