Back in the end of September, the last day of summer to be exact, I took a pretty nondescript photo of my back yard off my deck. In my mind, I just wanted to remember the last summer day. Not even sure why, since the summer of 2020 has been about as awkward as I was when I used to ask out girls in high school.

And then about every week after that for the next two months, I took another photo. I figured why not show what a slow transition from one season to the next looks like. What I noticed is that everything is fine one day... and then within a couple/few weeks, most of the magic happens, and all the leaves turned color and were dropping.... sort of like my hair in my 20's & 30's.

Now here we sit, in one of the greatest stretches of late season warm weather I can ever remember, and I figured since this will be pretty much the last summery day we see for a while, I might as well share these photos. I'd do it for winter, but there'd be 18 photos, and they'd all look the same til April.

But anyhow, here's my little gallery of the seasonal shift. And remember, I'm no photographer, and these are right off my deck. So don't judge my talent (because there is none) and just look at the changes. It'll be far more entertaining. Hahaha. But it's crazy to think the entire time span of these photos is just a scant seven weeks.

Summer Into Fall From My Deck

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