At the risk of seeming a bit crass, you've probably been standing next to someone in a crowded area, like a grocery line, or maybe your kids are little gas machines, but you probably have a pretty good idea of what a sulfur-y, eggy fart smells like. Well, that could kind of describe the town of Hermon yesterday.

Not that it was only limited to Hermon. Likely some folks on the edges of Hermon got it, too. It was as though the town had collectively eaten a giant pile of baked beans and scrambled eggs for breakfast. It was the kind of smell, that even in your own house, you were probably looking for the button on the car door to roll down the window.

Turns out, it was all perfectly normal, if not stinky. There was a Facebook post from the Hermon Fire Department letting residents know that a train hauling some propane rail cars stopped to offload product at a local stop, and released what the fire department described as a normal amount of gas released into the air.

It's just that it also happened to make Hermon smell like inside of a dirty pair of jeans. The kind of jeans that could only come from working as a flavor tester at the B&M Baked Bean factory. The fire department also noted that because of the cold and dry air, conditions were ripe for making the town smell even more ripe.

When I lived in southern Maine, a local farmer used to put chicken manure on his fields every fall. So for two or three days, so the whole town of Westbrook and Gorham smelled like the inside of a dirty coop. It was revolting. I'm not sure which is better in this case... The sulfurous stench of Hermon, or the chickeny, whizzy, coop smell.

Hard to say... but if not already, the smell should soon dissipate the rest of the way. But man.... I bet right up until then, kids were having a blast playing an epic game 'You Smelled It, You Dealt It.'

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