I got my first pair of glasses when I was 5 years old. It was quite an experience. Being so young, I had no idea that I was actually pretty friggin' blind. I'd fought some terrible headaches, and a teacher suggested to my mom that I might be having trouble seeing. One trip to the eye doctor later, and I was officially fully myopic.

To this day I still wear glasses. Happily. People have always asked me why I don't wear contacts. Well, for a couple reasons. First, I have no idea how people stick a foreign object into their eyes without completely freaking out into a fit of full blown terror.... I'm always convinced it will just disappear up into my skull.

Secondly, I once asked my eye doc about the eye surgery. And he told me that with the level of astigmatism that I had, I'd still need glasses after the surgery. Oh, and along those lines, I also couldn't get properly fitting contacts for the same reason. My stupid pancake eyes would just pop contacts right out. And never mind that whole being wide awake for the eye surgery bit. Like, awake while they cut my eyes apart?! Nooooooooo way.

But it turns out, wearing glasses may have an unexpected benefit, that might just make you put your contacts away for a while. According to the BDN, people who wear glasses could be at three to four times lower risk than people who don't wear glasses. Mostly the reason being that we're that much less likely to stick our fingers in our eyes.

It's as simple as that. But that one simple deterrent seems enough to significantly lower your risk of catching COVID-19. So for the first time in the history of glasses, with the exception of safety glasses, that wearing specs might actually be beneficial to your health. Other than the obvious, of course.

Of course, this doesn't mean if you wear glasses, that you have a magical force-field around you, protecting you from all that is viral in the world. you'll still need to wear masks, and practice social distancing, and use your common sense. But hey, right now when it comes to COVID protection, we should take all we can get.

For now, I have to go clean my glasses, because they look like I'm five years old all over again.

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