Thanksgiving is mostly awesome. Mostly...

I often say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because there's no real expectation, other than to be fed. There's no presents, so it's just an excuse to sit around, hang with family, and maybe eat and drink a bit more than you normally would. Somewhere in there, it's probably a solid idea to ponder what you're actually thankful for.

But like any other mass gathering, there can be a lot of pressure to rise to the occasion and really blow people's doors off. Whether it's by the meal itself, the decorating, or your cousin deciding to pop the question in front of the whole family, there's always a lot of moving parts to Turkey Day.

But what if we could just ponder the absurd, if not true, side...

What if we took a good look at the dysfunctional sides of Thanksgiving? We all know exactly what I'm talking about... Uncle Dan decides to start ranting about politics to anyone that'll listen, or Aunt Rhonda got into way too much of the box wine, there's always annual things that happen that can almost train-wreck a Thanksgiving.

While I was cruising Reddit today, someone had put this very question out to their fellow Redditors, and I compiled a list of the best, and totally wrong, answers. No one really wants to hear your secret recipe for green beans, they wanna know how many relatives it takes to lift Cousin Teddy off the floor when he falls over hammered.

Let's just bask in the glory of nothing but wrong answers...

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