I'm not gonna lie... There was actually a lot about this COVID Christmas I really loved. Sure, maybe I didn't love that the folks down the road from me literally had 30 cars in their driveway, while I did Christmas on FaceTime with my family. But hey... You do you. I ain't the Christmas Police.

But think of the silver lining this year for a lot of folks.... There were so many jerks you didn't have to see. Like your great uncle with the hairy mole that always wants to hug waaaaayyyy too long, or that crazy step mom that looks like Shrek, but isn't nearly as nice? Wasn't it nice to not see them this year?

But, one thing that stayed the same, is how much fun it is to give presents. And frankly, less people at Christmas, means I get to open gifts quicker! But since I'm flying solo on the I-95 Morning Show this week, I wondered if y'all felt like sharing what you got for Christmas.

My wife and I kept it pretty small for ourselves. Although Cori and I got super cool stuff for each other. I got her a mug that says "You're On Mute", because that's how we spend most of our morning, and she got my wife and I donut playing cards and a donut puzzle. I looooove donuts, and my wife loves puzzles, so Cori nailed it! (Mailed it!!)

So.... what did you get?

Melanie Makin I'm a Mainer living out of state with my family now, but we return to visit family every year at Christmas. My husband and I don't exchange gifts to speak of. Instead, we go to Marden's while we're in the area and buy whatever we want. It's always a fun surprise and we never leave disappointed.
Justin Choiniere Weather station that reports to NOAA
Linda Boisvert Provost First is face timing with the grandchildren, a material gift my
Cheryl McManus A painting my daughter did.
Wendy Clewley My daughter got me my new favorite cup.
Sarah Diecidue Mrs. Brown's boys on DVD.
Sarah Brown Some lovely time with my dairy farmer husband!!!
Katie Robinson-Call An iPhone 12 from my husband, A Mama shirt from my daughter and a oven mitt from my son.
Shawnna Farley I got an air fryer that I can't wait to break in!!
Sandra Lyn I got a gorgeous off-white pullon sweater. I can't wait for the right event to wear it.
Amber Boobar a rose globe from my husband. Pictures don't do justice.
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