JStew: For a change, this question wasn't as hard for me to answer as some things. A favorite soundtrack can be subjective to say the least, but if I had to pick just one, for me it would be the soundtrack to the movie Singles. It had all my favorite high school bands on it. Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, etc. The movie took place in Seattle, so the music choices were pretty indicative of the time, as it was almost all 'grunge' bands. But you guys had some awesome ones too, for sure.

Cori: This one was a hard one for me...I can't pick just one. It's impossible. So here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order-and these are ones that are in pretty high rotation at my house on a pretty regular basis) :Reality Bites, City Of Angles, Stealing Beauty, School of Rock, Pulp Fiction, The Commitments, The Blues Brothers, Snatch...There are just so many! The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks are pretty great, too.

But now, let's look at what you chose!

Wendy Clewley City of angels has my heart,Cant watch that without ballin.I got a great one though,Maximum overdrive!!
Rob Irwin I don't know if you thought about them, but missing from the list .... Top Gun , Iron Eagle, and the first Back to the Future movie.
Paul The Big Chill
Nancy Neu Wow you have made this hard 1. Purple rain 2.city of angels 3. The blues brothers
Mary Klein Drouin Guardians of the galaxy, Grease
Kirby Richard The Crow, and Spawn
Kelly Gardner Grosse Point Blank!! Still listen to it regularly 🎧
John Kawamura Most anything by Hans Zimmer: Interstellar, The Thin Red Line, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner 2049, Inception
 Aaron Hart Star Wars - no question! Very rock n roll! 😄
Jeremy Dubay Singles. Forrest Gump.
Steve Highlander and Footloose
Keith The Big Chill and The Breakfast Club
Chip The Great Outdoors and Heavy Metal
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