The last several weeks, I've learned just how important it is to celebrate the little things in life. It's one of those phrases we've all said a million times, but right now it really means something. The news is everywhere, social media is everywhere, and burying your head in the sand isn't going to serve you any better.

6 months ago, you would've super imposed all sorts of labels of what accomplishment is. With all that's going on in the world right now, those definitions have shifted a bit. Here's some things that if you did today, I think you're a super star.

  • You got out of bed when your alarm went off.
  • You made a meal for your family.
  • You got out of your pajamas and actually out on pants.
  • You brushed and flossed.
  • You got some exercise.
  • You chose to eat a healthy meal.
  • You read a book instead of watching TV.
  • You helped your kids with their school work.
  • You checked in on a family member, or neighbor.
  • You called your mom.
  • You cried.
  • You reached out to a friend.
  • You took your dog for a walk.
  • You took a nap that you really needed.
  • You binge watched Tiger King.
  • You stayed home.
  • You curled up in blanket and hoped tomorrow would be less scary.
  • You drank some water for a change.
  • You washed your hands.

All of that is real. Some days it's tough to even bother getting out of bed. And then others we can be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude because someone reached out to us unexpectedly. There's no rules right now. We all just need to understand that all of the feelings are ok. Some days will be better than others. That's part of life.

But if you start to tell yourself, 'I haven't done a thing all day, ugh...' just consult this list, and see just how many small victories you had today. Maybe you'll even find yourself adding things to the list.

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