If necessity is the mother of invention, my wife is her sister. It's well known in our family and circle of friends that I am not particularly handy. Where my wife is pretty much wears the tool belt in our house, I wear the apron. I worked in kitchens for years, and she fixed things. I love it this way. It works for both of us.

This morning, in the middle of doing the morning show, she comes busting into my studio, laughing. We ran out of tissues, and aren't due for a store trip for a minute, so we've been using a rogue roll of toilet paper. But apparently, she had grown frustrated with it rolling all over the kitchen, so she decided to fix that pesky issue.

J Stew
J Stew

As you can see, she took one of my broken drumsticks, and poked it through the side of the empty tissue box, and down through the inner roll on the toilet paper. Thus, creating a homemade Stickssue box as I like to call it. Is it silly? Yes. Is it completely ingenius? Also yes.

So really, I gotta give mad props to K Stew for solving our overwhelming problem of runaway toilet paper. But you know, you're home all time, have a little too much time on your hands, and begin to hyperfocus on strange things. Boredom is a strange and wonderful thing sometimes. Even in the form of a stickssue box.

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