JStew & Cori here.... Last week, we pulled our 'What's This Wednesday' clue and refocused our efforts on honoring the passing of Eddie Van Halen. This week, we're going to give our clue another go. Our new guy, Engineer Mike, took this photo. Let's see if you can guess what it is!!??

Mike Watson
Mike Watson

JStew: The only reason I know what this is, is because I was there when Engineer Mike took the photo. Otherwise, I would've immediately started guessing things like an oldy-timey bathroom scale, or something like that. Or maybe a steampunk TV remote, hahahaha. But this one was kind of a stumper, for sure.

Cori: From the look of it, I could tell it was something old. But what, I had no idea. When Engineer Mike sent me the answer, it was even cooler than I would have imagined! There were a couple of answers that were in the ballpark. Some, really good guesses.

Here were some of your answers from our little photo adventure...

Stu Marckoon Looks like a tire pressure gauge to me...
Kari Jo Davis Scale
Adrienne Pomeroy Whalen Maybe a survey device...?
Rob Irwin The cone of a speaker. (Like a radio speaker, or maybe the speaker from a guitar amp.)
Carl A. Witham Looks like an old volume control dial of some sort...maybe an old jukebox or radio?
The answer from our buddy Engineer Mike: RCA Radiola 17 from 1927. It was their first 120Volt AC powered radio. Older radios were generally battery powered due to no AC power in rural homes.
Mike Watson
Mike Watson
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