Cori: I was cleaning out the back of my minivan the other day, and as I wrestled with taking out child safety seats, I kind of chuckled to myself because when I was a kid, seat-belts were optional...and child safety seats were a nice idea, but not mandatory by any means. So when J Stew and I got to reminiscing this morning during our Throw Back Thursday Segment, we threw this question out at ya: What were things that you  used to be able to do, like riding in a car without seat-belts, that you just can't do these days?

J Stew: I once rode in the back of a pickup while sitting on my big wheel. I remember when I could go to the store up the street from my house, and get a 16oz Coke in a glass bottle, and a full-sized Butterfinger for a buck, tax included. Remember those little fruit flavored juice drinks that came in a little barrel?!

Our good friend Paul called this morning, and we reminisced about being able to buy cigarettes for parents and aunts. Imagine that now? Some 7 year old walks into a store and the guy sells the kid smokes? Because their parents said it was ok?!?! Anyway, check this out:


You chimed in with some great responses...a lot of them to do with cars, too.

Monica Shay We used to take turns riding in the back cargo area of the station wagon.

Cheryl McManus Ride in a car without a seatbelt

Debra Dudley Ride in the back window of the car because there was nowhere to sit with so many in car....or Ride on top of mattresses on top of a van because we were moving.

Brian Bent As a child,riding in a car standing up between my parents in the front seat.

Jen Megquier Not wear a seatbelt.

Betsy Goodwin Riding in the car without a car seat and sitting in the front seat when I was little. I think you have to be 12 to even sit in the front now.

Shari Giffard Keefe We would sleep in the way back of our Rambler wagon (for those too young that was a car )when our parents took us on vacation and drove all night. There were NO seat belts. I also used to ride in the little grocery compartment in the back of my aunts VW bug

Some were about just simple things...

Rebecca Farrell Walk or ride a bike to school.

Mike Avery Jr. Call a friend using only 4 digits

Mara Saltzman Cerqueirajoin gun/archery club at school
Peter McFadden When I was 9 or 10 years old, my parents took our small pickup truck with a cap on it, loaded up all our camping gear, my two sisters and myself. They then drove across the country to Yellowstone park, my sisters and I hung out in the back of truck completely untethered and our only entertainment was a small black and white portable TV that we might pick up a local tv station.
April Robshaw Go to school fairly safe, go for 5 mile bike rides to my aunts house without fear of kidnapping, walk yo my aunts house any time of day without fear of being harmed, play 4 square in the middle of the streets, ride laying in the back window of my granpas Nova cause it was cool, go walking through the woods behind my house and my biggest fear was stepping in wasps nests(did it) fox or mt lion crossing your path... but still did it 8, 9, 10+ yrs old, was fun to walk the ledges and sit by myself... those are a few off top of my head.
Moe RackliffI remember when students could go home for lunch, if they lived close to the school.
Scott Tucker Lay on the floor no matter where I am and just chill.

Matina Ageli Well what I used to do as a kid was drinking water from a hose.... Still do it

Becky Sutherland Have a smoking area in High School and be able to smoke.

Lisa Jeanne Roberts Go to the store and buy my mom cigarettes at the age of 9.

Then there were those of you who took it to a literal place...

Jennifer Small Sleep.

Annie Lewis Somersault

Rae Jean Wheeler Stay up all night... lol

Wendi B. Knowles One handed cartwheels. Well, actually, any cartwheel lmbo!!!

Wendy Clewley Roller skate,But I have seriously givin roller derby a thought.

Time were so much simpler back then...or we were just completely unaware of the dangers! It's a wonder any of us survived!


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