Just last year we were complaining about paying too much.

It's funny, sometimes you look at something and think to yourself, "how could this get much worse?" You feel like your back is already against the wall financially, and just kind of hope the powers that be will somehow wrangle some control over the situation. Remember when we though $3.00 gas was outrageous?

Well this time last year, we were all bent our of shape about the fact that the summer season was poised to make us pay over $30 for a lobster roll. The world, well Maine, was up in arms at the thought of such things. But as has happened every year since the pandemic began, we're about to have another "hold my beer" moment.

This year will make last year's prices seem cheap.

As it stands right now, some lobster rolls at popular tourist spots could easily go 20% - 25% higher than last year, according to CentralMaine.com. While not every place is going to be charging top-shelf prices, some of the places tourists read about on the internet or see on TV, will undoubtedly benefit as much possible.

But what seemed outrageous last year, will likely be the norm. While some places may choose to charge more, the average price still looks to land in the neighborhood of $30. One may also want to consider why a roll at another place might be substantially cheaper than another.

Often, places will use frozen lobster from other countries, to offset the expense. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, we Mainers may find a roll made with frozen lobster leaves us feeling a little flat. Whatever the case, your beloved summer lobster roll, like everything else, is gonna set you back a few more bucks.


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