The last several days, out at my camp, there've been tons of fireworks. Personally, I enjoy it. I know folks with dogs aren't as crazy as fireworks, and I totally appreciate that. But I can't stop the folks who set them off, so I might as well enjoy the show. And with July 4th being basically canceled, it's kinda fun to watch.

That said, as you can probably imagine, local fireworks stores are seeing a huge boom in sales. You might even say a boom in the booms! Folks all over the state are stocking up to make their own 4th of July magic. In years past, sales have always been brisk this time of year, but 2020 has changed the game for sure.

According to the BDN, some local stores have seen sales jump any where from 20% - 35%. And that's just locally. Over all, across the country, reports are coming in that sales are up 200% in some places. And since most displays have been canned nationwide, sales may even continue past the 4th.

However, you may want to check with your local municipality. Fireworks are not legal to set off in all towns. In fact, we posted an article this week talking a bit about some of the towns you can't set them off in. for instance, in this area, you can't set them off in Bangor, Hermon, or Orono.

It doesn't mean people won't, but they're not supposed to. And if you ignore the laws and go crazy with it, expect a visit from the authorities. And maybe be respectflu of your neighbors. It's one thing for people to set them off at camp, but maybe Ohio Street by Domino's isn't the best spot. Amirite?!

But really, be safe, be respectful, and kudos to all of you for supporting local businesses. Fireworks are a pretty seasonal business, so helping them fill the coffers right now is spot on. And, if you feel like firing them off on Davis Pond this weekend... I'll be watching.

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