I think we call know there isn't a person on planet earth that doesn't have a bad habit or two that if we could shake them our lives, health and emotional well being would be improved.  Now lot's of us have given up making resolutions because left on our own they just don't stick. Well don't give up research has shown that with support the goals are more reachable and sustainable. Here are some local resources for support for the most common and healthy resolutions.

Quitting smoking.  This is no doubt a tough and yet beneficial resolution. Just the money saved alone makes most people put it in their list.  Add to that more heath and more time with their loved ones and we all agree it is  resolution it is worth making every year until you get it kicked. Ready for success? don't do it alone. Here are several options right here in Maine.

Losing Weight. Losing is definitely one that is better done with support. For this one slow and steady will always be a better choice.  For years Weight Watchers has made the Consumer Reports grade and we are lucky enough to have one right here in Bangor.

Volunteering. Most people know that part of a better life for you is seeking a bettr life for someone else. For a long term benefit though it is important to find something you are passionate about.  How can you do that? Well there are several organizations that help you search the local needs to find you fit in time and desire.

Learning Something New. Over and over again experts will tell us that continued learning is a key to staying young and keeping a healthy brain. And it doesn't have to be a new career, although it could be.  Think about art, music, karate, language the important thing is to choose something that you will find fascinating for that long term success.  So what are some of the affordable options in the Bangor area?

Get Out of Debt.  This is a tough one but once achieved there is nothing more relaxing for your mind.

I'm going to call it there.  If you don't see what you need in that list I encourage you to find support in whatever you choose. And for the record it doesn't have to be a formal place. Pick a friend, make a plan and work it with some accountability. Good luck and Happy New Year.


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