In the interest of full disclosure, I'm not much of a hunter. But obviously, I've lived in Maine my whole life, and have an appreciation for hunting. I've certainly gladly accepted gifts of venison and moose steaks. Or partidge, or duck breast. Wild turkey? Love it! Really, the reason I don't hunt is because if I shot a gun into the open air, I'd somehow still miss.

But this year, according to WABI - TV5, the state is considering making a pretty substantial jump in 'any deer' permits. These are the ones that allow hunters to take adult deer of either sex. But to keep the population in check they're talking about adding a 60% increase in any deer permits.

This would be an all-time record number of deer permits. Now, let's be real, I am NO biologist of any kind. But I've heard enough stories, and seen enough crumpled bumpers, to think that maybe the state's overall deer herd could use a little thinning out. And with the hunting culture running so deep in our state, this could fill a lot of freezers.

And, all the extra permits would certainly add a bit of revenue to the state's coffers. Innovating news ways to bring in some extra funds while so many folks are potentially going to be on unemployment for a bit, can't be a bad thing. And at the same time, it could help bring the state's deer herd to a more manageable level. It's a win-win for sure.

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