I've seen hot Maine weather make the toughest folks crumble.

I know there are other states that get hotter than Maine. I would never compare us to the desert as far heat goes. But a lot of people aren't prepared for how Florida-like it can get around here in the summer. When the heat and humidity combine to bring us the real summer weather, all of a sudden Maine isn't as pretty as they thought.

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Now, we do get breaks. And that's probably what keeps us from being North Florida. But when Mother Nature wants to, she'll bring in the big heat guns, and show you that we're not screwing around. I've seen people from California, Florida, Louisiana... you name it, and they've all caved at some point and remarked how much like home it can get.

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Next week, Parts of Maine are gonna get blasted with the heat gun.

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This weekend, it's going to be delightful, and right into the beginning of the week. Nice sunny days, with temps in the mid-70s. As the new week starts to roll in, the temps start their climb right up the staircase and into the stratosphere. Tuesday will have nipping at the heels of 90, and then Wednesday and Thursday, we're in for it.

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Temps will peak midweek next week with both days climbing well into the 90's, according to the National Weather Service. Friday will calm things down a bit, but only into the mid to upper 80's. But of course, and I know you were waiting for this shoe to drop... The humidity will be brutal. So, as usual in Maine, the humidity is going to make an already annoying situation, much worse.

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It's not our first rodeo with this kind of weather. Just make sure to drink plenty of water, and check on your elderly family and neighbors to make sure they're cool and hydrated. You'll want to leave strenuous outdoor activity until the sun goes down... You know the drill. We all do. But get ready, because the heat is on.

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