The more I type, the more I want lunch.

Sometimes it's hard to write about food when you're hungry. I couldn't imagine being an actual food critic or something. How hard would it be to focus on the meal at hand, when your tummy is screaming at you so loudly, that you can't hear anything else. But that's not really what this is about.


Actually, there is some good news to all this internal suffering. There are now a few more places I can squelch this hunger. You may remember back in the fall, several Subway locations closed rather suddenly, specifically in the towns of Bucksport, Blue Hill, and Hampden.

But that has all changed...

Despite the sudden closing of these three locations, there was a lot of buzz on social media that pointed toward a possible reopening. As of a few weeks ago, the Hampden location opened up very quietly, and now the Blue Hill and Bucksport locations have come back as well.  According to a recent press release from Subway, not only are these new locations good to go, they'll still be honoring all the previous gift cards and such from before.

A tray of hoagies or submarine sandwiches at a party buffet.

So why did they close previously? That's hard to say. But certainly the pandemic has had a pretty substantial impact on the service industry in general. But Michael Frey, they new owner, seems very excited to get back at it. He's no stranger to the franchise, as he owns 29 other Subway locations as well.

It also looks like they'll be running some new local specials as well as rolling out some new product lines. So if you've been missing your local Subway in these spots, you can relax... with a good footlong.

Since I was born in the time of Jell-o molds and other gross old people food, I don't really wanna know...

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