Mainers puff their fair share of the green stuff.

Theoretically, weed is Maine's most profitable cash crop. You certainly can't charge a couple grand a pound of potatoes. I know it feels like potatoes cost that much right now, but in reality, they're several hundred dollars a pound cheaper, I assure you. But Maine seems to add the Devil's Lettuce to their shopping list as much as anything else.

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But in a lot of ways, it felt like it took forever to get to this point. We had pretty lax laws in the past, but these days we're considered one of the Top 5 states in the entire US, as far as how progressive our cannabis laws are. And it seems like we're trying to positively revise them all the time.

Tourists have certainly noticed.


If you dig around on social media and other such online formats, you'll see there is a definitely a subset of people that are looking to spend their vacations here, specifically because cannabis use in Maine is so commonplace/legal. Even before it was fully legal in Maine, we had decriminalized it to a pretty hefty degree.

Anton Shelepov
Anton Shelepov

But a recent article points out, that Maine is only behind a handful of other states in the country when it comes to cannabis progress. Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Ohio are the only states ahead. And really, all they offer is a bit more for personal possession limits, and how many plants you can grow at home.

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How much can you have at once in Maine?

In Maine, you can possess up to 2.5 ounces, and grow up to 3 plants at home. As opposed to say Michigan, where the possession amount is the same, but you can own 12 plants. Or in New York, where you can have 6 plants, but up to 3 ounces for personal use. So Maine really, is about on par with everyone else.

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But we've taken steps to seal certain records for people related to cannabis, we've tried classifying it as food so there's always a right to grow, plus a number of other things to try and stay current, and not a dinosaur in the weed game. There's money for states to make, as we creep up on over two dozen states legalizing it. So... when will the feds finally get on board?

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