Granted, we just put Halloween to bed over the weekend, but folks are definitely already focusing their attention toward Thanksgiving. Who could blame anyone? First off, getting Thanksgiving off our plate sets the stage for Christmas. And after the year we've all had, I think Christmas is on everyone's mind, to bring a bit of cheer to the dreariness.

The other thing that seems to be on everybody's mind is what size turkey they're going to get for the big feast. Nationally, according to the BDN, the trend has been moving toward smaller birds on account of smaller numbers at most people's tables. But as usual, Mainers don't give one sweet crap about "trends".

Maine turkey farmers were anticipating the worst, given the national trend, but local farmers have said that so far, people still want the big 25-30 pound birds they've always gotten. In fact, many are doubling down and getting two great big birds, saying that they intend to freeze the other one for later.

That's not as far fetched and crazy as it may sound, though. My mom has been doing that for years. Many a time I've even gotten out of bed the day after Thanksgiving, and caught my mom throwing in the other bird right away. She like the leftovers from the day before for sandwiches, and the other bird for her famous turkey soup.

Sure, there may be plenty of families who just buck the advice of the CDC, and have a big family soiree. And that's your choice. But whatever the deal is, you can most assuredly guarantee there's going to be a pretty fat bird laying on the table when it's time to eat. And personally.... I couldn't agree more.

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