Before everybody starts in with the jokes about what a tool I am, I felt like I had to give tools their due today. Anyone that knows me, knows I am NOT a handy man. My wife wears the tool belt in the family for sure. But the one thing I can sort of do, is hang shelving.

So today I put my lack of skills, and DJ Fred's tools to work, and installed shelves in my office. It was touch and go for a while, but I persevered and defeated those ornery wooden albatrosses. Most people do it with no trouble, but I really felt like I could build a house afterward, I was so undeservedly puffed up from my very basic accomplishment.

But hey... today I used a tape measure, a level, a screwdriver, and a drill to complete my project. and then proceeded to mount wall brackets, and hung my damn shelves. I feel so empowered by all this, I feel like I could even put a USB cord in on the first try. Can you honestly say that about your day?


So as you go through your day, take a minute to recognize what tools have done for you on this National Worship of Tools Day. Maybe you just fixed a nail on your front steps. Maybe you just fixed the handle on the toilet. Maybe you just put up some dumb old shelves like me. But you'd never have done it without a tool, you tool.

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