Fluffy and dapper in a natural fur tuxedo, black and white Mandy is ready to impress her future family!

This 8-year-old long-haired girl is incredibly sweet and loves humans of all ages and sizes. She will climb up into your arms when she wants a hug and just relax there - she can’t wait to be someone’s cuddle buddy!

Mandy, SPCA of Hancock County
Mandy, SPCA of Hancock County

Mandy’s problem? She’s diabetic. Because she requires daily insulin, diabetes makes her a little more costly than most cats, but she takes her insulin well and is in great health with it. She just needs a family that understands her special health requirements and who are willing to invest that extra bit into keeping her a healthy and happy kitty.

In return, she’s going to shower that family with love!

Schedule a visit with Mandy today!

As a reminder, the SPCA of Hancock County is still operating by appointment-only for the safety of the animals, as well as visitors and staff. If you are looking to adopt, please check their website where they have an adoption application and the available animals listed. For general inquiries, please call them at 207-667-8088, email info@spcahancockcounty.org, or send them a Facebook message.

Recently, a dog up adoption needed emergency surgery, and now a group of kids are having a bake sale in an effort to raise $. The "Saving Twitch Fundraiser and Bake Sale" will happen this Saturday, the 21st, at the SPCA of Hancock County on the Bar Harbor Road/Rte. 3 in Trenton between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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