Some folks on my road have had pink flamingos on their front lawn for a while. They've done fun things with them before. Moving them around, putting christmas lights on them, stuff like that. And right now, they've gotten very socially relevant by using their flamingos to remind folks to mask appropriately.

Stasia Houp

And that's just a pair. They have a whole gaggle. Well, technically not a gaggle, that's geese. A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. So they have this whole flamboyance of flamingos in their yard, covered in face masks. And I love it. It makes me smile, literally every time I drive by it.

Stasia Houp

I've always wanted to be the type that does fun things in my front yard, but I'm willing to admit that it lies juuuust beyond my scope of motivation. For the last town months in quarantine, I've had enough trouble just putting on pants every day. My adulting skills are at an all-time low.

And now would be the perfect time. It's not like there's a bunch of other things taking up my day. I certainly have time to go outside and do manly, creative yard things. But nope, I'm gonna sit here and eat Pringles off my shirt plate, and wipe my mouth on my sleeve napkin instead.

But hey, for now, I'm perfectly content to enjoy the hard work of my awesome neighbors. Although, I haven't actually met them yet, so maybe they're not awesome. But I doubt it. I mean, can anyone with a flamboyance of masked flamingos on their front lawn be all that bad?

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