This is such a touchy topic. Even though this happened this week in Massachusetts, I have seen it here in Maine as well. People let their animals loose and then don’t watch them. This time, it ended in a golden retriever named Walle getting shot and killed.

According to the story, the couple in Lakeville, Mass., let their two dogs off leash to run on their nine acres. However, apparently there was no boundaries or fences in place to keep the dogs on their property and they roamed onto their neighbor's land.

Once there, the neighbor reported that Walle was growling and baring his teeth -- in essence threatening the man, his family and his chickens. Here is where the questionable action lies. Feeling threatened, he chose to shoot and kill the dog. So many things come to mind here. If you are letting your dogs run free, you still need to watch them.  If you are outside on your own property you should be safe and free from threats.

Personally, I have had a neighbor’s dog come onto my property and growl at me.  I called them. In fairness, what I had overall was more of a pooping issue than a threat to my pets. I also knew the dog was more bark than bite. Still, it did seem disrespectful.

In truth, it was more likely laziness on the part of the owner. Seems harsh, but I am pretty sure it is accurate. So here is the question: A neighbor’s dog growls at you in your own yard, what would you do?

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