First off... Why would this need to end in 2022? If there is one awesome thing that the quarantine/pandemic has brought to us, it's the ability to have booze brought to our house, or to be able to take it with you from a restaurant when you get takeout. So while I'm glad they're ready to extend it, it just needs to be forever, hahaha.

Back in March, Gov. Mills signed an executive order allowing restaurants to sell cocktails to go, which for some businesses, brought them back from the complete brink of closing. The ability to send away their patrons with Patron, was a game changer. And this bill could keep that going at a time when a second virus wave seems inevitable.

Maine's hospitality/tourism industry literally need all the help it can get, so lawmakers are already looking into 2021/22 to try an ensure Maine's restaurants, etc. can brace for it ahead of time, according to the Portland Press Herald. It's not immediately clear if this will also pave the way for breweries and liquor stores to keep offering delivery.

Beer delivery is one of the greatest gifts of the pandemic. I've had it done a few times. I fully believe it's made at least some people safer, because it has the potential to eliminate extra beer runs. Besides, there's something so fun and lazy about waiting for things to be brought to your house. And then I tip them silly.

The bill will go to the Maine House and Senate soon, and be voted on officially a bit later this year. First and foremost, cross your fingers that somehow this virus settles down, but then keep them crossed that our beloved booze to go, stays.

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