Have to think you’ve heard the old tech gag.

I can’t figure out my cell phone, or computer, but there’s a little kid down the street who can help me out

Well, now that kid has opened a store

Always nice when we can welcome a new business into the area. For some, a tech store is just what is needed. And one of the expert technicians is 14 years old.

And he’s the owner.

Techy is the store.  It is in Waterville in a location that used to be Verizon.

Parker Redlevski is the teen age owner. And he has a history with that store. When it was Verizon, his Mom met his stepfather there. So as a 5 year old he spent time in that store.

He got interested in fixing people’s phones.  And was asked to go to a business conference with his stepfather. There he networked and talked about the same things the adults were talking about, and voila.

Fast forward, and he is the owner and a techy at Techy.

Pretty ambitious for a young teenager. But it sounds like he’s got it all figured out.

Hoping to inspire others he told WABI-TV5

Find what you love doing and turn that into a job

Very sage advice indeed.

Techy is located at 110 Elm Plaza in Waterville.

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