Luckily, as we're sliding into November, we haven't seen any accumulating snow yet in the Bangor area. Sure, we had that little incident last week where there was about .08 inches of snow on my wipers when I came out of work. But nothing real. Just a little reminder of what's to come soon enough.

On the state level, the Maine DOT seems to have what they need to get going for the winter. The state has been stocking up on salt, and seems to have all they need for plow drivers right now. But some local municipalities are facing a driver shortage. I saw online last week that southern Maine towns were bring hit hard with a driver shortage.

And according to WFVX - TV22, the same is happening here in Bangor. Winter is on the way, and the city is feeling a bit skint on drivers for the season. Granted, I'm being totally naive here, but to me, it seems like at least kind of a fun job. I'm sure the hours are long, and it's snowing the whole time, but you get to drive big trucks!

And you get to cruise around the city streets while most people sit at home. But I'd be out there, dropping that big blade, tooting my horn at kids sledding on the hills... I'd make myself pretty much the snow removal Santa Clause. Why not? If you're going to be out in it anyway, might as well bring some joy to the people.

But this full-time job could bring joy to your wallet as well. Right now, jobs have been up in the air because of all the COVID-19 crap, but if you have the qualifications and the skills, why not put them to work? All I do is toil away over a hot microphone. You could be out clearing the streets for the masses.

If you wanna bring order to the snow covered streets of Bangor, you can apply at this link at the city's website.

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