I won't lie... I'm not much of a car guy. Not because I don't want to drive a cool car, who doesn't? But I also am not the least bit mechanically inclined. I definitely feel if you're a car enthusiast, it seems like it's a prerequisite for being a car guy. Since I can make a car stop running just by looking at it, I just drive.

However, a buddy who is a car guru was telling me about how he got to drive a Tesla. In case you've been living under a rock, they're the crazy, totally electric cars that aren't cheap, hahaha. But they're also capable of hitting 60mph in less than three seconds. so if you're into fast cars with nothing but torque, you might like these.

However, if there's one thing that always fell short for me when it came to electric cars, it's the limited number of places to charge them. Like, how do you go on a long road trip if you have to stop and charge your car? Not to mention, it must take substantially longer to charge a car than it does to fill it with gas.

So here in the Bangor area, there are definitely charging stations around, but not tons. But Bangor has gotten with the times and installed a charging station in the Pickering Square garage downtown. that would be good news if you own an electric car. then you could just leave it be and let it charge while you're working, or shopping, or whatnot.

Thanks to some grant money the city received, they made the announcement on Halloween via their Facebook page that they had made the improvement. Lord knows, we need to do something in case all the science-y types are right, and all the oil is going to dry up at some point.

It's also nice to see our little urban center try to stay with the times. So if you own a Tesla and the buzzer, or light, or gentle female voice with a British accent lets you know your power's getting low, now you know where to go! For more info, check out the city's website.

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