You just love them!  You know that you do!

They're juicy and delicious. Even before you add mayo, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, and of course - extra cheese, please.

They're a quick lunch for us at a fast food place or the entrée that you order at your favorite restaurant or pub. They're the go to reliable meal when you're in a restaurant far away from home, and they're what you serve up at the family barbecue on the back deck or on a picnic table at your favorite Maine state park.

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You just can't go wrong with a hamburger.  With or without fries.

You may be familiar with our food polls.  Many of our online readers and on air listeners certainly are as folks cast their votes by the thousands.  So far, we've covered pizzaChinese foodsteakhousesItalian sandwiches, breakfast, and ice cream stands.

Is there any doubt that people are very passionate as to where their favorite foods are located.  No, none whatsoever.  So we beg of you, don't hold onto your secrets when it comes to hamburgers.  Feel free to spread your wealth of knowledge, because after all, we fully realize that you've had years of experience munching burgers more than likely at restaurants and take-outs all over the area.  We know that you have.

So stand proud while holding that tummy in and cast your vote for your favorite hamburger in eastern Maine, because there's someone in a kitchen somewhere right now holding a spatula that's counting on you!

We'll share our results with you soon.

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