I couldn't help myself. I love puns.

As I saw the return of the big rubber Joy Duck and its newfound family to Belfast, I began wondering how no one else had thought of calling it the Joy Duck Club. Fact is, probably lots of people thought of it. But probably they groaned inside and realized what a delightfully bad pun it is and moved on with their lives.

I did see a friend on Facebook ask the same question, and I chuckled that he thought of it too, because great minds obviously think alike. But here we are, checking out the return of one of Belfast's favorite visitors. But this time, the big old rubbery creature brought the whole family, seemingly.

It's now a full-on family of joy.

There's still no official word on where the ducks come from, according to WABI. But, someone has gotta know. There's no way you can just float a couple giant rubber ducks in Belfast's harbor and not have someone see. But thankfully, those that may know are kind enough to keep it a secret.

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I think it would literally ruin the joy, to know who's doing it. It's like the Valentine Bandit in Portland... The identity isn't what's important. It's the amount of well, joy that it brings to people. The single duck by itself, people loved. I imagine the big fam makes it even more fun.

Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis
Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis

People adore the ducks.

It's kind of absurd that it's grown from one to three ducks over the last couple of years. And I also love how it went up in size, and each one displaying that it's the greater, or even greatest, joy over the others. It's now turned into a big rubber family of joy. Honestly, I can't see how it's a bad thing. They makes people smile, and it also brings tourist dollars to Belfast from folks that want to catch a glimpse. Total win-win.

Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis
Photos by permission from Abigail Curtis

By the way... I got these great photos from Abigail Curtis, with permission, on the You Know You Love Belfast, If... page on Facebook. If you can look at these ridiculous photos and not crack a smile, I don't know what to tell you. Sure it's over the top, but the funnest things always are.

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