Hey... you're never going to believe this, but one of the Bangor area's most beloved Christmas events has been canceled. The annual 'Feztival Of Trees'  has been 86'd for this year. Obviously due to the surge of coronavirus cases throughout Maine and the rest of the country, for that matter.

And while many organizations have been sort of reinventing themselves in the face of COVID and hosting all manner of virtual events, the Shriners decided if they could not hold an event that lived up to the expectations that people have become familiar with, then they thought it best to just pull the plug on the whole thing.

According to a Facebook post from the Shriners, it was not remotely a decision they took lightly, and even looked into other options for this year's Fezitval, but again, if they couldn't make it like it's always been, they figure they'd just wait til next year. One could hardly blame them, but safety is their utmost concern.

I'm ot sure you've ever been to the Feztival before, but it's so cool. Much like Pumpkins In the Park, also usually hosted at the temple, there are several different types of booths and displays from all kinds of civic organizations, businesses, and private citizens. It's definitely a huge blow to the area's Christmas traditions.

Although next year isn't really that far away, we're all tired of seeing our favorite events canceled. Hopefully as time goes on, our grip on the virus will tighten, and all these awesome things will be 100% safe again. Until then, it'll definitely keep getting worse before it gets better, and that's the biggest bummer of all.

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