We had a blast last week with National Nurses Day playing all the requests we could for nurses, so we had to take a week off from What's This Wednesday. Once again this week, I chose something that was sitting just a few feet away from me. For that matter, if you're a musician, or live with one, you know what this is.

If your significant other is a contractor, or plumber... they know exactly what it is. If you deal with any kind of heating/cooling work.... you know duct tape when you see it. Sure, I got right up close on it, and it made it look funny.

Close-up of duct tape

Of all people, my sister was the first one to chime in on the I-95 Facebook page, and nailed it. But, Cori and I didn't give up right away. I always love the answers that other people come up with. Usually, I wouldn't have thought what of some of the answers we got, but when I read them, I could immediately see why someone would think that.

Judy Andrews Michaud Thought it might be typewriter striker keys, honestly my favorite answer. Nancy Neu suggested an Aquafina water bottle. Lisa Mishou saw a seam on a tent, which I can totally see too. Betsy Goodwin said, 'a scene from Flash Dance? I honestly have no idea. Lol'
Michelle Haslam Plaisted thought maybe it was freezer coils. Seems legit to me. And pretty much the other comments were about duct tape. Once duct tape caught on, there was no turning back. It was like MacGyver came down from the heavens and showed the world that duct tape was truly the way. Hahahaha.
Anyhoo... thanks for having fun with us this morning. We'll do it again next week....

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