We're all going a little stir crazy. And really, it's not just about getting outside for some exercise. It's also about trying to do anything that makes life seem a little bit more normal. And for a lot of Mainers, a round of golf not only feels nice and normal, but it's a springtime rite of passage!

But right now, under social distancing rules, playing a round of golf wouldn't be allowed. But a lot of players feel they can do both without breaking the rules. For instance, in a petition going around online, they propose that the clubhouses and restaurants would be closed, like other businesses are right now too.

Games would start 12 minutes apart, and there wouldn't be any hanging around on the greens. They could also do away with flags, rakes, ball washers, and carts. All payments to the clubs could be done in advance online. There's a lot they can do that sounds safe. And it would seem well over 6000 people agree, according to WGME - TV13.

The wording of the petition agrees with Gov. Mills' decisions about gatherings and social distancing, but they really do make some valid points about how they can do what they love without hurting others. Likely the argument will be that a couple bad apples will spoil the batch. But that's not for you or I to decide. But sign the petition if you wish.

No matter what, the one thing we can all agree on is that we can't wait for life to get somewhat back to normal. It may be a while before it does, but we'll get there. In the meantime just sit back and relax. After you wash your hands again.



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