Some stories just sound to crazy to be real.

A couple weeks ago, Susan Watson, a sheep farmer from Midsummer Night’s Meadow Farm in Garland had the worst of the worst happen to her. She went out for an evening to spend some time with family, and the next morning when she went out to tend her flock, every single one of her 22 sheep were gone. Just straight up gone.

The gate was locked, nothing was out of place, they were just gone. After contacting the state police, she was told there wasn't a lot they could do with no suspect or any leads. Naturally, Watson began to fear she may never see her sheep again, that were valued at roughly $15,000. Then some unexpected help came to the rescue.

Luckily, a nearby farmer also happened to be social media superstar.

Sheep have a tendency to stay near where they live, and don't have a tendency to wander off, so it was pretty clear someone rustled the sheep right out from under Watson. So fellow Garland farmer who happens to be quite a presence on social media took to all the pages she's a part of, and began posting about it, according to the BDN.

Nancy Neal of Honey Brook Farm, also in Garland, posted it enough online, that she estimates she reached over 20,000 people, and sure enough, they got a small break. Someone had seen the truck and a trailer on her property, but it wasn't a sight out of the ordinary, so it wasn't really given a second thought. But this now gave police a place to start an investigation.

Then a second big break came....

Shortly after all this started happening, someone noticed a post online about 22 sheep for sale up in the county. Friends of Watson started inquiring about "purchasing" the sheep, but the original poster got spooked and took it down. Police also went to see someone who matched the physical description of the person driving, as well as the truck and trailer.

After police spoke to this individual, Watson said the next day while she was away again, someone came while she was gone and returned every one of the 22 sheep. She said they were in far too good shape to have been lost in the woods the entire time. But so far, the state police have not spoken as to the current state of the investigation.

This was as brazen as brazen gets. The sheep were likely going to be sold at an out-of-state auction, but they're home now, where they belong. But it's just proof that every once in a while, Facebook is good for something other then writing in all caps about politics. Because we all know how ba-a-a-a-a-d it is. (yes, I'm done...)

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