Man, nobody has adopted Sheldon yet!

Long fluffy fur frames a long pointy nose as Sheldon gazes curiously across the yard. Sheldon is looking for a home, and although he's been looking just as hard as he can, he's having a hard time finding one.

Sheldon is deaf, but that isn't why he's having a hard time finding a home. He feels very stressed here at the shelter, and it's so hard for him to show you what a cool dog he is.

Every time the other dogs bark, we see him tense up. Even though he can't hear well, he can feel the vibration of the barking.

When he meets a new person, he wants to wait a while before petting, because he's just not sure what they might do.

He's been less and less interested in taking long walks in the woods over the last several months. Yet, we've seen him eagerly lean into ear rubs. We've seen how many hand signals he knows. We've seen how much he loves to catch snowballs (yes, he's been here since there was snow).

This beautiful dog is special needs, it is true - but he also has a quirky, adorable personality under all that stress!

Sheldon is approximately 8 years old, and is seeking an adults-only home where he is the only pet. We know the right home is out there. Please help us find it for Sheldon! We would even love to get him into a temporary foster home so that he doesn't have to wait in a kennel anymore!

SPCA of Hancock County photo
SPCA of Hancock County photo

The SPCA of Hancock County is a no-kill facility, and currently has many cats and dogs available for adoption.  It’s located at 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton.  It’s open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays between 11 AM – 5 PM.  Fridays and Saturdays between 11 AM – 6 PM.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Call them at call at 667-8088! Email them at  Follow them on Facebook and check out the website too!

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